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Creation Textiles Priyalaxmi Machinery Manufactures

We manufacture textile weaving machines in India.
We provide complete technology for setting up of textile weaving units suitable for weaving of silk, cotton, man made fibers, industrial fabrics, etc., under one roof.

We focus on the small to medium scale segment of the weaving industry, which today accounts for more than 60% of the production of fabrics in India. As a result, we clearly understand the technological needs as well as the economic constraints of segment.

At present, we manufacture a complete range of  shuttle looms ( low-speed under pick looms to microprocessor based automatic high speed shuttle looms) in various width (from 115 cm to 305 cm reed space). We manufacture automatic high speed looms under technical collaboration with Miyamae Technical Center of Japan.

Our objective for the future is to find a technology partner for the manufacture of flexible rapier looms and other textile weaving machinery and accessories. We would also like to explore the option of manufacturing and exporting high quality components and subassemblies to manufacturers of textile machinery world wide. We would also like to help reputed manufacturers locate suitable partners in India to transfer their technology.

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