Founded in 1948 by the Shanghvi Brothers, Laxmi Textile Stores is one of the leading manufacturers of semi automatic & automatic looms in India.At Present we manufacture a complete range of Shuttle looms in various reed spaces from 94 cm to 292 cm under technical collaboration with M/s. Miyamae Technical Centre of Japan.

We have a composite unit for manufacturing of looms which is spread over 60,000 Sq. Ft. We machine all key parts in-house on modern machinery with required quality checking system. We have a modern foundry to fulfill our requirement of quality casting. Each machines is erected on a perfectly level assembly line. After assembly of a machine we insert set pins on certain assemblies prior to dismantling of the machine for dispatch. This ensures easy & error-free aligned reassembly of machines at the customer site.We provide complete technical guidance for setting up of textile weaving units for weaving silk, cotton, man-made fibers, industrial fabrics etc.

Our focus is on the small to medium scale segment of the weaving industry, which accounts for more than 60% of production of fabrics in India. We always try to understand the technological needs & economical constraints of this weaving segment.

Our objective is to fulfill the weaving requirements of small to medium-scale weaving companies by providing quality machines at reasonable cost by continuous development in quality and manufacturing process.

We are having a very good agent network across India for efficient sales & sales after services.

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