No-Man Operation :
No-Man operation is possible due to the large- packaged Magazine for 40 pcs. of Weft-Pirns, and newly developed "Weft-End-Drawing Device" .
"Weft-End-Drawing Device" : At the time of automatic weft-pirn changing, the weft-end of new pirn is drawn out penetrating through the weft-tension on the shuttle. Hence, is absolutely no-knot on the weft yarn without any trouble when the weft -pirn is changed.
Shuttles and Weft-Pirn Bobbins :
Standard Type of Shuttles and Weft-Pirn Bobbins are used for all kinds of yarns, and then, efficient and high-quality weaving is very easy.
No-Faults on the woven cloth :
Due to the disposing device of remnant weft yarn, no-appear on the woven cloth. Moreover, its interval time for cop-changing is only about 9.5 seconds for 60Hz.
Multi-Colour Weft Yarn :
Unique type of its Cop-Magazine enables this Loom to have 1x1,2x1 and 4x1 shuttle-box, so that multi-colour weft yarn weaving may be possible and easy.
Micro-Computer Control Cam Mechanism :
Cop-Changing Device is of Micro-Computer Control Cam Mechanism which is of easy maintenance and operation.


Driving   By Push Buttons With 0.75 KW Brake Motor. Warp Feeler   By Optical-Electric Tube Feeler for Warp Fluff.
Taking-Up Motion   GML Type Pickle's & Indirect Taking-UP. Shuttle Size

* (a) CM-5 Type -45W x 35/36
H x410 L. m/m.
* (b) CM-8 Type -48W x 39/40 L.m/m

Letting Off Motion   *(a) KBL Type Separate Frame Letting-Off.
*(b) GML Type Separate Frame Letting-Off.
*(c) GMS Type Single Attached-Frame Letting-Off.
Beating Motion   Fast Reed Systems With Reed Line Adjuster
Picking Motion   Center Picking Systems
*(a) Cop-Changing Magazine Side: Leather & Oil Buffer.
*(b) Multi-Shuttle Box side Auxiliary Stick &      Buffer
Shedding Motion
*(a) Plain Shedding
*(b) Dobby Shedding
*(c) Jacquard Shedding
Pirn-Bobbin Magazine   *(a) Single-Row Continuous Selecting Type for 40 Pirns. Automation Control   By Sequence Cam Control System with 0.1 KW Motor . (300M)
Weft Feeler   By Optical-Electric Tube Feeler (HDK-B40S Type) Reed Space   (In Inches)26,34,37,39,44,47,51,53,
56 ,59,63,65,67,72,76,80,83,86,and 90
Weft End Blower   0.42 KW Friction Motor Blower. Feeler for weft Yarn Breakage   Electric Infrared Non-Touch System Side Fork.
Weft End Cutter   *(a) By Heat Cutter.
*(b) By Mechanical Cutter.
Shuttle Box   *(a)1x1
( * Mark Means Options )
Specifications, Equipment And Descriptions Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

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