Simple Operation, No Need of Skill :
The simple Push Button System with Electromagnetic Brake Motor does not require any skill of operators. All the Driving/Start, Stop, One Pick, Inching is controlled by just one touch of Push Button. Upto date Semiconductor Technology is used to prevent warp from being entangled, to detect the cut off weft automatically and to detect the consumption of weft yarn automatically.
Introduction of predetermined Stopping Machanism :
Due to Predetermined Stopping Machanism, loom stops each time at the back centre (180). It facilitates in changing of shuttles faste, resulting in higher efficiency. Also, there will be no possibilities of starting mark after changing Shuttles & Restarting of the machines. This ensures reliable & safe operation.
Best Quality Weaving :
Due to Specially designed Soft picking systems, the Woven fabric has a beautiful texture with stable wefts and there will be no blemishes on the woven Fabric.
Durable & Rugged Construction :
As all the parts are manufactured with great care and with proper composition of castings, maintenance costs are reduced.


Driving   By Push Buttons With 0.75 KW Electromagnetic Brake Motor. Warp Feeler   By Optical-Electric Feelers for Warp Fluff
Shuttle Size   *(a) LC-3 Type 41W x 31H x400 L mm
*(b) LC-4 Type 45W x 35H x400 L mm
Shuttle Box   *(a) 1x1.
*(b) 2x1.
*(c) 4x1.
Taking Up Motion   GML type Pickle's & Indirect Taking Up Weft Feeler
By Optical-Electric Feeler
Letting Off Motion   *(a) KBL Type Separate Frame
*(b) RS Type Separate Frame
* (c) CML Type Attached Frame
Beating Motion   Fast Reed Systems With
Reed Line Adjuster
Picking Motion   Centre Picking Systems
*(a) Single Shuttle Box side - U - Buffer, Oil Buffer & Leather Buffer.
*(b) Multi Shuttle Box Side - Auxiliary Picking Stick with Oil Buffer & U-Buffer
Shedding Motion   *(a) Plain Shedding
*(b) Dobby Shedding
*(c) Jacquard Shedding
*(d)Twill Tappet Shedding
Side Fork   Electric Infrared Non-Touch Type Reed Space   (in inches) 47", 53", 59", 65", 68", 72"
      Extra Devices   *(1) Double Beam Attachment
*(2) Centralized Lubrication System
( * Mark Means Options )
Specifications, Equipment And Descriptions Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

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